Even if you’re not looking for funding for your business right now, you should be. Your business might need the extra cash down the road, and it’s better to be prepared. Here are some “warning signs” that your small business might need funding in the future.


  1. Your business is having cash flow problems. Without adequate cash flow, you can’t pay back any debts. You also end up passing on opportunities such as new marketing strategies or any other deals that could help your business thrive and grow. When cash flow isn’t consistent, you end up cutting costs and could potentially be cutting corners that translate into your products or services.
  2. The cost of materials and other essentials you need is rising. Whether you paint houses or own a transportation company, your business has its expenses. When those prices go up, especially if cash flow isn’t that great, other aspects of your business end up suffering while you find the money to pay for these materials.
  3. You’re having issues with paying your bills when they’re due. If your customers aren’t paying their invoices on time, you’re left wondering where the money for your bills is going to come from. Instead of waiting around for months for your clients to finally pay their invoices, try invoice factoring. You’ll have the money you’re owed upfront so you can take care of your bills.
  4. Your business is growing quickly. If your business is growing, that means more sales are being made, right? But is it enough to cover the costs of a bigger location, new or more machinery/tools, more inventory/materials, and hiring additional employees?
  5. Your business is approaching a significant change. Any big changes usually require a significant amount of money. Even if your business has the initial costs of whatever you’re changing (second location, new product/service, etc.) covered, be sure that you’ll be able to keep up with the costs of your change. If it’s questionable, funding is a great solution.  
  6. Your business is seasonal. If your business is seasonal, like a summer camp or snowboarding lessons, you already know that the off-season is pretty slow. Funding your business can help you through the off-season and allow you to still work on growing your business.