It can be difficult to save money while on the road. Between the food, the fuel, and every other little comfort that makes the drive manageable, it is easy for money to disappear. There is hope! Use our money-saving tips below to survive the road with cash to spare.

Eat Your Food
Food on the road is one of the most significant costs for truckers. Going out to eat for one or several meals per day ends up being expensive. Additionally, the choices are usually greasy, fatty, and generally unhealthy. Try grabbing a loaf of bread and deli meat for sandwiches then snaking on nuts or homemade trail mix. Remember, water can be cheap and leaving feeling full for longer.

Check the Route Maps
Even if you know the route you will take, you can avoid traffic, accidents, or construction with GPS apps. Many apps and devices have become so advanced that there are real-time updates to changes on the road. These route updates can help you avoid delays. Keep the app or device running during your trip to monitor any changes.

Ask About CDL Discounts
Many locations offer discounts for Commercial Driver’s License holders. Even if unposted, many restaurants or hotels/motels will give you a break. It never hurts to ask and can end up saving you.

Pack Extra Clothes
You can avoid spending money on laundry services by packing extra clothes for the trip. The extra clothes may come in handy if you need to layer up during storms. The spare clothes can also help if you have a spill.

Use Free Wi-Fi
More restaurants and coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi than ever before. Taking advantage of these can help save your data on your phone. Make sure to get all of your downloads from Wi-Fi.

Track Your Spending
Make sure to keep track of your receipts from expenses while on the road. Note any toll, gas, and food spending. This tracking can help you look for areas of saving. You may be able to write some of these expenses off on your taxes.

Every little bit of extra money can help. It seems simple for money to fly out of your wallet while on the road. The team at CoreFund Capital works to help you make more efficient deliveries so you can keep money in your pocket. For more financial services for fleets of all sizes, contact us today at (800) 405-5464.