It’s no secret that Memorial Day weekend is a busy time for traveling. You’ll find that many folks are out driving, visiting friends and family or going on vacation during the three-day weekend. If that wasn’t enough, this weekend also signals the start of the summer travel season – meaning that roads are going get more crowded than usual. Below are just a few travel tips that can help you stay safe on the road this weekend and all summer long.

  1. Ditch the distractions

We should all always focus our attention to the road while we’re driving, but be extra cautious to ditch any potential distractions this weekend. Need more tips on how to prevent distracted driving? Check out this Top Tips for Drivers article all about it.

  1. Double check your equipment

It’s good practice to inspect your truck with each season change, making sure that you’re ready in all types of weather. Before you leave this weekend, make sure to check your tire pressure, fluid levels, brakes, hoses and belts. Now that summer is approaching, regular brake inspections should be a priority, since hotter temperatures can effect your brakes and friction levels.

  1. Leave space when on the road

A safe following distance, especially on crowded roads during the holidays, can help assure that you make any needed maneuvers.

  1. Watch the weather forecast

Heavy rains and high winds from thunderstorms can throw any seasoned driver off. Check the weather before you start your trip, and during any breaks you might take, and prepare accordingly for any severe weather.