At CoreFund Capital, we are always looking to help other companies with their immediate financial needs. We are firm believers in taking care of our clients. Happy clients equal a happy CoreFund team, but we don’t stop there. If you feel so satisfied with our services that you tell your friends or connections within your business circle about us, we appreciate you. If that friend or business comes to us interested in letting us fund their invoices, you could be paid a big bonus directly from CoreFund Capital.

Mutual Benefits for All Parties Involved

All of the angles add up in this triangle, a win-win-win. We get new business. Your referral will get their immediate financial needs covered because we fund their invoices. You get a nice bonus directly from us because we appreciate you as a client and value your recommendation.

Builds Relationships

Providing referrals like this strengthens relationships between you and your associate, as well as our relationship with you. The referred company will appreciate your helping them solve their financial gaps. We recognize how much you value us as your factor, and we appreciate your loyalty. We will continue to explore new opportunities to appreciate our loyal clients.

Extra Money for Little Work

Our referral program is an easy way to make extra cash for merely spreading word of mouth. If the referral becomes a client, you get a bonus. Use the money to help you jump that additional hurdle in your business or save it for a rainy day. We want to ensure that all of our clients know how valued they are to us.

You and your referrals will both receive the same excellent service as always. If you are looking for a reputable factor with long-standing relations with their clients, CoreFund Capital is ready to work with you. Call us today at (800) 405-5464 to start putting your cash in your account faster.